Can You Get Rewarded For Your DNA Test Data?

You may not know about it, but some people are minting big bucks using your DNA data. When you get a DNA test, these testing centers share this information with pharmaceutical companies.

In this billion-making business, the main contributors get nothing. LunaDNA, a community-owned platform, aims to reward people for sharing their genomic information. Let’s learn more about LunaDNA!

LunaDNA Introduction

The brains behind LunaDNA are Bob Kain (CEO), David Lewis (CFO), and Dawn Barry (President).  Bob Kain is also a part of Edenroc Biosecurity, Dovetail Genomics, and Singular Genomics. He is also the co-founder of Revere Biosensor.

LunePBC is a San Diego-based company. Mulitple venture capital companies such as Arch Venture Partners, F-Prime, and Illumina Ventures back LunaDNA.

The core value of LunaDNA is developing a transparent and reliable genome-data sharing community. This value enables the members to be the focal point of the process.

LunaDNA members have complete control over their DNA data. The company does not share any data, and the authority to share and sell it lies with the member.

Earning Shares through LunaDNA

It was only in September 2019 where LunaDNA gained permission from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for shares-for-data. It means that LunaDNA can reward you with company shares for your DNA test results and health data.

Are you wondering how much LunaDNA will pay you for your genomic data? The amount will depend on the type of genetic data shared by you. Each data translated to a specific number of shares. The value of each share is $0.07.

Cost of LunaDNA

LunaDNA is a platform for openly sharing and uploading DNA information. Additionally, the company allows you the position of stakeholders in exchange for raw DNA testing results. LunaDNA is one such name that charges no cost for the process.

LunaDNA vs. Nebula

LunaDNA and Nebula share several common core values. LunaDNA offers shares in the form of rewards to its members for sharing their genome data. Nebula Genomics is using a cryptocurrency credit system for its members. Once your Nebula credits accumulate, you can use them for other genome sequencing processes.

Nebula also boasts of offering additional services than just genome data uploading and rewarding. They provide top-of-the-line DNA testing, exploration tools, detailed ancestry, and health reports. These services are what sets Nebula apart from LunaDNA.

Most of the other genome industry companies do not offer the same advantages as Nebula Genomics. Their expanded DNA analysis reports, ability to upload and earn for DNA data, and various genetics tests, make Nebula a great option.

The Bottom Line

Many DNA testing centers use your data for their benefit. Nebula Genomics and LunaDNA are a few platforms that help change this situation for the benefit of DNA testers.

There are many DNA upload websites available, so we recommend you compare their costs and services. Another great alternative to LunaDNA is EncryGen. Platforms like this are very mandatory for the healthcare sector as it empowers the members and strengthens the trust.

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