5 Things That You Can Do With Old Furniture When Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home is as tedious as it is exciting. The planning, packing and unpacking, gets confusing and could affect all your design decisions. For some people, moving into a new house means serious redecorating as empty spaces give you a better chance to be creative. Unfortunately, redesigning your home completely is never an option if you’re on a budget. Who wouldn’t be after all the new lease signing, painting, and paying off the moving companies?  The best option on hand is to incorporate some of the existing furniture. With a fresh coat of paint and some plants, your home will have a new and improved look.

 Now, planning the layout of the furniture is a hard task even when you’re buying it new to fill up a house. But incorporating old furniture with a new room setting gets kind of tricky. So, if the moving companies arrive in a few days to shift you into a new home, this article will help you with adding old pieces to your new collection.

1. De-clutter

The first most important thing to do when you move with all your stuff into a new home is to deep clean it. That doesn’t only mean washing and mopping, it means decluttering. Assess your space and figure out what things are necessary for you to keep. In the new house, old furniture can look like clutter to you but it definitely has its merits. Throw out the stuff that you don’t need and keep the things that give you joy.

2. DIY Your Furniture

One of the easiest ways for you to revamp a room is to pull DIY and make sure all the elements have a similar style. With the advancement of technology, almost everything is available for you on the internet. Whether it is wall-papering an old grandfather clock or giving the dresser a fresh new coat of paint to match the rug, you can have it all. Despite saving money, DIY projects like these unite the family on one activity and is a great way of personalizing your items. It also helps you consider the furniture as your own and leaves a satisfied feeling in your heart. So, pull up a few DIY videos and watch how you can be creative, sustainable and innovative as you turn your old furniture brand new.

3. Be Eclectic with Your Taste

Art, architecture and design have come a long way from traditional gothic cathedrals. The whole idea that your room has to match each ornamental detail with each other is an old one and makes for a boring space. Being creative and eclectic with interior design is the way to go to bring life into a room. Exposed brick walls, mismatched dinner chairs, funky rugs, patterned curtains, mixed era furniture and huge pops of color are the new design initiatives. So whether your old furniture matches with the new or not, you don’t have to worry now.

4. Plan Your Layout

Another important factor to rein in while moving into a new home is planning the layout of your furniture. There are many factors to take into consideration while doing that. The most important is to locate all the open spaces, noise factors and light and wind. Sensibility into placing your furniture at the right places and enhance the experience of the room as well as the furniture piece.

5. Repurpose Your Pieces

In a time where everything that you wear, eat, sit on and sleep on, is mass produced in factories with huge carbon footprints, sustainability becomes a key factor to include in your life. That could mean thrifting your clothes and repurposing your valuables. When you declutter and can’t find a purpose for your furniture, the best way for you to use it is to repurpose it into something more important. Like making a planter out of your side table, a birdhouse of your old shelf or a cat bed from your old desk drawer. This activity will give you joy as well as be a way of you giving back to your surroundings. 

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